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Easy Guest Communication

TipQwik communicates with guests via SMS text messaging, which is second nature for most people today.

Convenience & Security

There is nothing for guests to download and we do not put QR codes in any unattended locations to prevent potential loss, damage, or tampering.

Easy Payment

Guests can pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or via credit card, which can subsequently be saved for future activity.  All with the peace of mind of PCI compliance.

Fast & Efficient

With just 3-4 clicks, guests can select a tip amount, provide a satisfaction rating, and choose a payment method.

No Cost to the Hotel

A nominal convenience fee is added to each tip to cover the cost of transaction processing and the TipQwik service, so it is free to the hotel and 100% of the tip goes to the employee.

Mobile Tipping Made Easy

The TipQwik platform addresses one of the only remaining hotel transactions that requires cash — Tipping.

The TipQwik Process Flow

Reservation system sends guest info to TipQwik
Tip submitted by customer
Tip cross-referenced
with timekeeping
Tip added to payroll
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