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How does it work?

TipQwik integrates via API with the hotel property management system to communicate with guests via SMS text or through the guest experience app.  A hyperlink allows the guest to make a gratuity payment on TipQwik's web-based app.

Why don't you put QR codes in hotel rooms?

TipQwik typically does not place QR codes in hotel rooms because it does not meet our security standards.  It is too easy for someone with basic computer skills to replicate and replace a QR code with a fake that reroutes payments to the hacker's bank account.

Can I use my existing payment processor?

We are regularly updating and adding functionality to our platform to facilitate additional third parties.  Please contact us at to find out if we support your current processor.

How much does it cost?

TipQwik's standard version is free to the hotel.  A small convenience fee is added to each tip to cover processing fees and overhead, which ensures 100% of the tip goes to the deserving employees.  More enhanced integrations are available via proposal.

Do you ever use QR codes?

Yes.  QR codes are very useful at valet stands or other service desks that are regularly attended to reduce the risk of tampering.

What kind of hotels should use TipQwik?

TipQwik has a version for both select service and full service hotels, which may have different needs and customization requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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