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Anywhere anytime tipping via automated SMS text through your hotel’s reservation system.

Anytime Tipping

via automated SMS text and API integration with your hotel’s reservation system.
No QR codes or downloads required.
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“80% of consumers prefer card [or mobile] payments over cash.”

TipQwik integrates with your PMS and SMS services.

Tip at your convenience

Secure Transactions. Seamless Experience.

Less than 4 clicks ensures the correct employee(s) receive your tip.

No phone app to download. No need to remember to scan a QR code before you leave the hotel.

TQ cross-references gratuity with scheduling system, adding it to respective employee payroll(s)

Reduced Turnover

through retention and reduced hiring costs

Greater Visibility

around total employee compensation

Satisfaction Metrics

via surveys and guest ratings

Key TipQwik Benefits for Hotels.

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